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Canning Catfish

I have not canned fish before. We needed some freezer space, and had some catfish taking up quite a bit of room. Why not kill two birds with one stone?

Here were my steps:

- Thawed the catfish and filleted (did not want bones or skin, but can still have if desired)

- Soaked in salt brine for 1 hr

- Washed and Sterilized jars/rings

- Chunked fish, and placed in jars leaving 1/4 in head space

- Wiped off jar rims and tighten ring/lid on jars

- Placed jars in pressure canner with 1 inch water

- Put on lid, turned up heat and set pressure to 10 psi

- Pressure hit 10, set timer for 1 hr 40 mins.

- Took pressure cooker off heat and allowed pressure to go to 0

- Opened lid, removed jars and allowed to cool

- Marked lids with contents and year

Shelf life should be 3-5 yrs

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