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New Zealand

Despite their name, the origin of New Zealand bunny is America. They were first bred in California in the 20th century. The rabbits are thought to have been bred from rabbits that were imported from New Zealand.

However, their likely ancestors are the Flemish Giant and Belgian Hare.

The rabbit is often bred for its size, so how big does a New Zealand rabbit get? On average, it weighs 10lbs to 12 lbs.

The females are larger than the males.

They mature fast and the females are famous for being excellent mothers. The original breed was red, known as the New Zealand red.

However, white is the most common color, and New Zealand whites are commonly bred for commercial meat lines, and the fur trade, unfortunately. Black is also a common and acceptable color.

The social nature of these rabbits makes them happy to be a part of your family. They get along well with both humans and other pets.



Broken Red Doe

DOB March 2020


Black Buck 

DOB  May 2020



Broken Black Doe
DOB Nov 2020


Blue Doe
DOB Nov 2020

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