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Tapping walnut trees

We have three walnut trees in our yard. Thought it would be fun to try and see if we can make some syrup.

First we have to tap the trees at the right time and temperatures. Based on some research you have to watch the temperature where it will fall 40-50s during the day and 30s at night. Weather was in our favor to try and get them tapped.

I bought a kit from Kaito Ridge. Some food grade buckets with lids. The kit tubing was short, so I also purchased 100 ft extra tubing to cut longer.

I drilled holes in the lid of the buckets using the recommended 7/16 drill bit.

Press the sap spiles into one end of the tubing . Heat with hot water to help loosen the tubing if needed.

Now it’s time to tap the trees! Using the 7/16 drill bit, drill holes at a slight upward angle.

Using a hammer tap the spiles, into the hole. Place the other end of the tube into the holes in the bucket lid.

Now, we check the pail daily for sap!

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